Will multiple CNAME records slow down a site?

Too Many CNAME records ??

I just noticed that a site I have in Cloudflare has quite a few CNAME records. Not sure how they all got there … I also noticed that the site is really having issues loading. This can’t be correct for it to have that many CNAME records.

So my question(s) are:

  • Could this be affecting the site’s performance?
  • How can I figure out exactly which CNAME records that it really needs?

Thank you!


You probably had a wildcard CNAME in your old DNS which caused every name that Cloudflare tested to succeed. That would result in possibly hundreds or more useless CNAMEs in your Cloudflare DNS.

Only you know what names you actually use. You can start by deleting any that you know you don’t use. If you had a wildcard card CNAME in your old DNS, this could easily be most of them. You can always export your current records to have a list for reference before you start deleting.

@epic.network thank you! It’s a new client and that’s why I’m a little in the dark. I wonder if I export them all as you recommended and delete them all and go from there, but guess it might break things. Will find out LOL!

Also, do you think this might be affecting the site’s load speed? I would think the answer is yes, but never had this issue with a customer before… thank you!!

I already shared my opinion on that matter.

Anyone that plans touching DNS will benefit greatly from reading this book at least twice before they do.

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Thank you and thanks for the reading recommendation! I will check that out!

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Sorry I missed your answering me on the performance issue! Got it thanks!


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