Will I lose the remaining period of the domain after transferring it?

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I have domains (.com) that have 6 months before expiration, If I transfer them to Cloudflare, Will I lose the remaining period?

I transferred a domain yesterday which should expire on (Sep 01, 2023) and it kept the remaining (4 Days) but in the invoice, the Billing Period is (08/27/2023 - 08/27/2024) although it appears in the (Manage Domains) table that the domain will expire on Sep 01, 2024, So Should I renew by (August 27, 2024) or by (Sep 01, 2024)?


Domain transfers add a year to the existing term. It’s recommended to not transfer a domain with 15 days or less remaining without first renewing it at the existing registrar.

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Can you please explain why the Billing Period in the invoice ends on Aug 27, 2024, although the domain expires on Sep 01, 2024?


@HadyShaltout Billing questions cannot be addressed in this forum, please open a billing ticket here and share the number so that we can flag it for the billing team.

The billing period on the invoice does not reflect the domain expiry date.

You must check the Manage Domain section of your dashboard.


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