Will I lose my SSL certificate if I move to DNS provided by cloudflare?

Hello everyone!

I need an answer for these 2 questions:

  1. Will I lose SSL if I change from my website hoster DNS to Cloudflare one?

  2. How to do it?

Thanks, I’m new to this topic and I need response as fast as possible to get my website in stage where I can start renew stage!

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You’ll get a new SSL certificate from Cloudflare. I use this setup, plus my origin server (where my site is hosted) still has SSL working for end-to-end encryption.


  1. Cloudflare can provide new SSL certificates via the SSL/TLS app.
  2. Keep your old ones on your server for full encryption.

So thanks for answer! :=)
If you can help me revise;

I keep my old one and I get free nbew one by Cloudflare and if I change back to my main DNS I will still have my own?

As long as you keep your origin SSL certificate up to date, it will keep working no matter which DNS you use.

If you are just using us for DNS nothing should change with regards to your cert… If you are also using us for :orange: proxy/CDN/DDos mitigation then as @sdayman mentioned a Cloudflare universal SSL cert should be issued within 24 hours which would allow us to provide SSL at our edge on your behalf.