Will I get performance boost with APO on my membership site?

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Hi there,

I run a membership site and I want to know how APO will be better for my site. Here are my two concerns:

1. Does APO serves cache from CF-edge network?
(As far as I understand, free Cloudflare serves cache from origin server. I would like to know how it’ll improve the delivery of the cached files.)

2. How APO handles front-end data changes?
(Each user has a profile page on my membership site which can be accessed by anyone, a user updates their profile information in the front-end of my site. I would like to know how APO will handle the change users make through front-end and how long it’ll take to see the changes globally.)

Faisal Kabir

I’ve posted the full question in the thread.

  1. Yes, cache is stored in CF edge network, in addition to static caching which CF provides out of the box APO caches html for WordPress sites.
  2. Cloudflare for WordPress plugin will take care of it. Once a change happen the plugin will detect it and purge relevant pages through Cache Purge API.

But last time when we add it in my site then it is causing issue in AMP page and showing error in GSC-Referenced AMP URL is not an AMP
and showing lots of Amp validation error after disabling it solves the issue?
By the way will it work similar like html caching in CFL?
Can we use Bypass Cache on cookie features here?

Okay! I’ll try APO within a few days for sure!

Issues with AMP pages are fixed. APO won’t cache APO pages and won’t rewrite it.

APO docs are here: https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/360049822312

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