Will I be able to see billing at a zone level for Image Resizing?


I’m setting up multiple DNS zones under one account, and I’m going to be using Image Resizing to dynamically resize images.

However, the Billable Usage analytics only show the overall level of usage, not the usage per host/zone.

Is there a way I can see how much of the Image Resizing quotas have been used by each zone?

Bumping—can anyone tell me whether this is possible please?

I guess nobody has dug deep into this. If I were to take a stab at it, this feature is billed by uncached requests, so any time a resized image is requested from your server, that would count. I’d go with a rough first attempt by scanning the server log for such files, count the entries, then see if it corresponds with the 2K requests you’re seeing.

Granted, it’d be easier if if the dashboard showed this. I’m not even sure if the data is available via the GraphQL API. Or if that’s even the right place to look for it.

If you want someone on staff to look into this, contact them at billing AT cloudflare DOT com and post the ticket # here so we can escalate, though billing usually checks in here every morning and will see any ticket # you post.

Thank you, that’s really helpful.

I had looked into the API route and couldn’t find any way to access the stats, but I wasn’t aware there was a separate GraphQL API for Analytics until I googled based on your reply, so I’ll definitely have a poke around in that.

I’ll contact billing too, and update this thread if I discover anything!


Well, that was quick… response from support was:

You only can check Image resizing usages per account

So I guess I’ll look into the GraphQL API, but I suspect if it was available there it would already be in use to enable this in the dashboard.

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That’s probably correct. GraphQL does let you dig into a lot of details, but per-zone analytics is pretty significant and what I wouldn’t call a “detail.” I’m actually surprised that it doesn’t break it down by zone since that’s how you’ve enabled it.

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