Will Google Optimize work with server side caching and a CDN?

My website is using WordPress + WP Rocket Cache Plugin + Cloudflare CDN Cache. Will Google Optimize Works with such a case? In my understanding, as Google Optimize will change the web page source file, but as the page is cached by WP Rocket and Cloudflare, the change will not take immediately until cache expires However, I have set the cache to expire after 2 weeks. In such a case, does that mean Google Optimize cannot work for my case?

I haven’t tried Google Optimize yet, cannot tell.

But, from what you stated it sounds like a complex cache situation.

If so, you might want to check if purge would trigger to clear it on all of the caching plugins you have installed and active + Google Optimize and also on Cloudflare end.

I would not recommend using all of them in combination.

There are topics here if you use :search: , where customers installed 2-3 cache plugins + Cloudflare,and expected it would work perfectly … and then the issues started as far as this is pretty difficult to manage, especially when the user is not so experienced with the cache.

I say you only need one, a Cloudflare for your domain.
Therefore, it leverages the work your origin hosts/server should do (due to minimization, etc.)
And of course Page Rules, to define which features/options should be enabled for specific URLs per need what should be cached and what not.

  • HTTP/2, HTTP/3, Brotli, Auto Minify, Rocket Loader, Edge Cache TTL, Browser Cache TTL, Cache Everything? …

May I ask about which filetypes are we talking here to cache them?

Kindly, see below article for more information:

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