Will Github login allow anyone or just me?

I set up Github login to my self hosted application. Everything works fine. But i cannot quite understand what I did. I added github login or just authorize myself? I mean will anyone be able to login if have a valid github account? Or just me?

If just me, how do i add another person there?

When you set up your application in Access, there is a “Configure Rules” section. There, you can choose “Emails” and provide a list of who should have access. I’ve redacted my screenshot, but here I have it set up so three addresses have access.

Github provides the authentication to say “yep, this is someone with this email address” and then Access says “okay, if the email is on this list, let 'em in”.

I do not think it works this way. I can not to create emails rule at all and add github rule and access with github only. So those emails in emails rule do not correspond to github email. That one is completely different authentication method as alternative.