Will Domain protect and IP

Hi, i got cloudflare set to my domain, if the user is connecting with the ip instead of the domain will cloudflare still deffend off DDoS attacks even if the domain points to the IP?

No, Cloudflare cannot by default protect your IP. Normally traffic goes through Cloudflare’s own servers before ever hitting your own, this is how attacks can be prevented.

In general, you shouldn’t be allowing users to ever access services/sites through just an IP.

You can use a product like Spectrum to protect ports (Enterprise is required for any TCP/UDP port). If you’re an Enterprise customer you could also use Magic Transit

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Is there a way i can add the IP to cloudflare? without Spectrum or Magic Transit

If you own an IP prefix there’s Bring Your Own IP - https://blog.cloudflare.com/bringing-your-own-ips-to-cloudflare-byoip/

Docs on that can be found here: https://developers.cloudflare.com/byoip/

Contacting Cloudflare’s Sales Team is probably the best, they can advise the best course

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can this be done on the dashboard and whats the difference between a Ip and IP prefix?

No. Announcing your own IP ranges from Cloudflare require a lot of work to be done. When I say “your own IP ranges”, I mean those IP ranges that you really own which has your own ASN.

IP address example:
IP prefix example:

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