Will deploying Durable Objects without Wrangler be a feature?

Right now the only way to deploy a Worker with Durable Objects is manually from a developer’s machine with Wrangler. Will it be possible to use something else in the future like Pulumi or Terraform?

Until that happens, I can’t use Durable Objects for a production application. Will this happen in the near-term future? If not, is there a public roadmap I can reference to know if/when it might happen?


You’re always free to add into the Terraform provider yourself - GitHub - cloudflare/terraform-provider-cloudflare: Cloudflare Terraform Provider

Otherwise, it’s a “wait and see”. You can do everything wrangler does from the API so worst case you can do that but there is no ETA for when DOs may be supported in Terraform. There’s an open issue you can follow here: Durable objects? · Issue #1320 · cloudflare/terraform-provider-cloudflare · GitHub

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