Will deletion of Cloudflare resolve my 522 error issues?

I am an 81 year old who has become a Luddite … current jargon totally escapes me. I, perhaps, took the free entry to Cloudflare (through my ignorance) as a good thing. It has proven not to be good at all. There is no way to get HUMAN help in resolving a problem generated when my web host company changed my web site’s IP address. Because I had no idea that Cloudflare changes COULD be made by me, much less SHOULD be made by me. When the change from HTTP to HTTPS happened some time back, the SSL was created FOR me (not BY me), and I have no idea who to contact in order to transfer it to the new IP address. Now, strangely enough, using http:// works … but https:// does not! The associated discussion forum for the web site looks like $h1t, because images do not display, gradient task bars are flat (and in default colors) and background images are no longer there. If I cannot get help in updating the IP address and SSL in nameservers so that things return to how they appeared in early September, 2023 I may as well give everything up, after alsmost 20 years.

Generally, “it doesn’t work” is not a very helpful description. The minimum information required to help would usually be your domain, a description of what led to the problem and the exact error message you receive.

Cloudflare is a self-service platform (like a rental car, as opposed to a taxi). Having some knowledge of webhosting is definitely helpful.

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My web site URL with “http” will open the main page of my web site, while

My web site URL with “https” results in a 404 error code. And within my related discussion forum, the same is true; no s and the main site is displayed, but with s either error code 404 or 522 results. The cause of the problem is the web host maintenance (new owner) changing the IP address. My lack of knowledge and expertise prevented me from doing whatever is required to change the nameserver(s) to point to the new IP address.

You forgot to include your domain in you reply. If you cannot include it in your post, try to write is as example (dot) com.

However, the problems you describe sound like and issue with the server configuration.

If you need a certificate for the new server, you can obtain one by following this manual:

Thank you for the ‘cook book’ instructions. I am printing them out now, so I can check off the steps as I complete them. It is a good thing there is the community to provide human help for Luddites such as myself, because IMNSHO AI isn’t … intelligent (enough) to help us old folks.

My site gooroosgruntz (dot) info.

That site is not using Cloudflare in any way. Whatever problems you have are not related to Cloudflare.
You should definitely not follow the instructions for the Origin Certificate. That only works for sites that use Cloudflare.

gooroosgruntz.info.     3600    IN      NS      ns73.domaincontrol.com.
gooroosgruntz.info.     3600    IN      NS      ns74.domaincontrol.com.
;; Received 102 bytes from 2001:500:1c::1#53(d0.info.afilias-nst.org) in 36 ms

gooroosgruntz.info.     600     IN      A
gooroosgruntz.info.     3600    IN      NS      ns74.domaincontrol.com.
gooroosgruntz.info.     3600    IN      NS      ns73.domaincontrol.com.
;; Received 118 bytes from in 24 ms
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If you check prior to September 18, 2023, the results may be quite different.

I really don’t know how I would go back in time to do that.

Right now, your site isn’t using Cloudflare, so all the problems you encounter are not caused by Cloudflare.

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