Will deleting CDN zone still keep Cloudflare CDN?

Hi there, I have had some issues using the cloud flare CDN … I have my domain from the CDN zone , and re-assigned my original web host DNS pointers.

My question is, did I have to change the DNS manually in Cloudflare before deleting? or, will deleting the zone take care of that? Like I mentioned before I have reassigned my DNS to its original form in my web host control panel…

If you have reset the domain’s name servers Cloudflare has nothing to do with the domain itself anymore. Wait a couple of days just to be sure that everyone has them removed from the cache, check the querying for them returns the wanted, non Cloudflare’s, NS and then delete the zone freely (it will be removed automatically after a while, you could also let it be until then).

Not gonna lie to you … I don’t understand one F**K … lmfaooo
I think I have deleted the zone on cloud flare 1st and then I re pointed the DNS back to its origin … but it did allow me to delete! and then the DNS change on my web host control panel was done successfully. Did I do this right ?

If they allowed you to delete. They ask for confirmation, but they won’t prevent you from doing so. It doesn’t really matter if you pointed the DNS back to the original ones, now it should work if that was done correctly.

Also, refrain from using that tone here, even if it’s automatically censored.

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