Will configured Argo tunnel on Unraid work on a Ubuntu VM on the same Unraid server?

Hello !

I have configured Cloudflare Tunnel on my Unraid server. The config yaml file has the ingress with internal ip:

tunnel: UUID
credentials-file: /home/nonroot/.cloudflared/UUID.json


#You can also do a catch all rule to send everything to NPM/nginx, I prefer the above though

- service: https://REVERSEPROXYIP:PORT

#Last rule responds to any HTTP traffic with a 404 disable when getting new SSL Certs via NPM

- service: http_status:404

#Enables this only for getting new SSL Certs via NPM

The reverseproxyip is the internal ip of my Nginx Proxy Manager container. I had to upload origin certificate from Cloudflare in it in order to make it work - I cannot issue let’s encrypt certificates, don’t know why but this is not the case of my question.

So I am successfully forwarding subdomains to different app containers and they are accessable on the internet. I have installed a Ubuntu 20.04 vm with OpenLiteSpeed and Cyberpanel VM. I want to host websites there. How can I use the same tunnel to make the websites accessable on the internet? If I use subodmain cname record in Cloudflare and host that subdomain in the cyberpanel, will it work? Or should I forward ports from NPM to the internal VM ip? I am confused how to make this work.

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