Will Cloudflare improve server response time?


With optimization of script and css, and image/video lazy loading, you can get very good results: https://GravityWebWorks.com 31ms for the HTML, full load w/ 1080p video in 1.3s.

The key to Server Response Time (or TTFB) is caching the HTML on CloudFlare.


That was the record speed but it averages well under 2 seconds which is fine by me.

re SSL - I purchased thru Media Temple - so I had one in place before using cloudflare - so I am not using theirs.

No change on display - I don’t bother with the www. Wp-Rocket has plug in to force https =

WP Rocket | Redirect HTTP to HTTPS

Adds rules to the .htaccess file in order to always redirect HTTP requests to HTTPS.

I had many legacy http pages before installing the SSL so this took care of them and all pages now display as https://acousticalsociety.org/asa-publications/

Let me know how you make out



For a one page website, it’s incredibly fast. Nice work. If you don’t mind me asking so, do you use WP Rocket?



Thanks for the help but I use Really Simple SSL (WP Plugin). I don’t use the .htaccess page. Should this have any negative effect with me implementing CloudFlare? Also, do I need to use WP-Rocket or can I stick with w3 total cache?



What I showed you is a one-page site, its not wordpress. It’s HTML is minified to 1 line by ColdFusion at the server. The result is cached at CloudFlare.

I’m not a fan of WordPress. But here are some examples of WP sites I manage that use the Comet Cache wp caching plugin.




I noticed this while visiting your website. I figured I would bring it to your attention.


all of this is your choice - all should work with cloudflare - many ways for force https also - you should be fine. just sharing my set up.

I tested w3 and several others - I like the rocket integration with Yoast and CF.

Test them both and see what works best with your hosting provider


yes - thanks - my SSL is super finicky re images etc. I do need to address it


Swapped in simple ssl. Looks ok on my end ? Yours?


Hi Dan,

Yes, working perfectly. I’m curious, how did you go about fixing the problem?


Wow, those load speeds are insane. Nice work.

This is the level I want to be on.


Used same plug in as you. Simple SSL Disabled wp rocket plug in for force https…


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