Will cloudflare hide the final server IP?

I have a home lab I host some basic services like nextcloud and home assistant and a few others. I currently have IONOS as my registrar and have SSL certificate setup through them.

Security wise cloudflare seems to be the better choice. Can cloudflare hide the final destination IP? Cloudflare also looks to better with DDOS attacks. Can cloudflare work with IONOS?

Yes, the final IP will be hidden if the records are proxied. Any unproxied records, or records that can’t be proxied (such as MX or non-HTTP services) will return the real IP of course. You should set your firewall to allow only Cloudflare and your own IPs access, that way a scan of the IP address should reveal nothing about that is on it.

Also look at Cloudflare tunnels.

We have a number of cheap Ionos VPS servers for development purposes all hidden behind Cloudflare.

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Is there a forum post or cloudflare topic on how to set this up? I use IONOS currently. Can I use this cloudflare feature with IONOS or do I need to move my domain? I currently use the wildcard DNS validation.

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