Will Cloudflare for SaaS help us resolve this issue with SSL certificate generation?

We are currently hosting a web server on AWS and use Lua’s auto-ssl module to generate SSL certificates for client domains. Our clients typically set their DNS A records to our server’s IP address to obtain these certificates. We are planning to transition from IP-based records to CNAME records. However, we’ve encountered an issue where SSL certificates are not generated when using CNAME records, although they work with IP addresses. This problem specifically arises with subdomains; for primary domains the CNAME approach seems to work.

Would purchasing Cloudflare for SaaS will help us resolve this issue with SSL certificate generation for CNAME records? Based on our review of the product documentation, it seems promising, but we need a more definitive answer before we can make a decision to purchase.

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While it should be able to do what you want, you can deploy Cloudflare for SaaS on any plan. Free covers up to 100 hostnames. Running through the places with a live test environment may result in a better idea of the suitability.

Thank you i will try to configure it soon.
Does Cloudflare place a fixed limit on the number of clients permitted to connect to your CNAME record?
Let’s say we have 100K domains using our CNAME record. Will it cause price increase ?

You will need to be on an Enterprise agreement by the time you are ready to pass 5000 hostnames and all pricing is custom at that level. The documentation that I linked in my previous reply has all the details.

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