Will Cloudflare contact a domain-owner for me?

  • I’m interested in a domain that has appeared unused for quite a while.
  • I’d like to contact the owner, but all the WHOIS information is redacted.
  • Is it reasonable to ask Cloudflare (the current registrar) to facilitate some sort of communication? And does this happen more often?

Thanks for reading/replying!

The email address listed under the registrant should typically forward to the owner.

There’s no email address unfortunately. WHOIS only shows that it’s registered and hosted at Cloudflare. I’m assuming they’re the only ones who have an account associated with the domain through which to contact them.

It appears Cloudflare redacts the email address as well and does not provide a forwarding service.

https://developers.cloudflare.com/registrar/domain-registration/whois-redaction/ outlines the way to contact a domain owner. It essentially goes via the abuse form (slightly awkward choice, but anyhow)

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