Will Cloudflare change my host to www?

Hello, I activated my site on Cloudflare by Siteground earlier. Then I had to deactivate it because my host passed from being non-www to www and that was a problem for Analytics, Adsense and site views. Siteground suggested to add my site here directly on your site. Now, I’d like to know if adding my site here it would redirected to www or not, because I don’t need it to happen.


Dario Leone

Whatever you configure will happen.

So you do not want an automatic redirect from your naked domain to www, right? Do you want a www record at all?

Yes, we want Cloudflare to keep our nake domain… for example: https://sitename.com

And no www record whatsoever?

We want the final host to be: https://sitename.com even though the user type the one with www.

www.sitename.com > https://sitename.com
https://sitename.com > https://sitename.com

So actually the other way round then.

Yes, that you can do. Just sign up for a full account.

To implement it -> Redirect www.example.com to example.com

what if do I redirect in the ‘page rule’ panel with the free account? Does it work?

You mean whether you can do that on the free plan as well?

Yes. I mean that.

It will.

So, free plan + page rule could be the solution for having redirection to the naked domain?

What I have been saying for the past 30 minutes :wink:

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