Will cloudfare improve my site load time?

Hello, my name is Thiago, I am new to WPO and site speed optimization, I would like to ask if you believe my webpage will be benefited of using cloudfare CDN.

All traffic comes from Brazil yet my server is in the USA.

The webpage is https://cartaodosus.info/

I only want to make my viewers to load the site faster, images, etc.

Thanks in advance and excuse my english, its not my native language.

Is it normal that https://cartaodosus/cdn-cgi/trace doesnt show up nothing yet?

Cloudflare has two datacentres in Brazil, one in Rio de Janeiro, another in São Paulo. So technically (some) of your resources will/could be cached in these locations, which should decrease the load time.

I do remember some Brazilian users noted they were routed through Miami instead however. I am not sure if this was a temporary routing issue of their ISPs or not, but that is something that you could determine with the trace link at least for your very own connection.

Sure, your site is currently not on Cloudflare.

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