Will Cloudfare impact my SEO during a DNS change?

Hi there, I’m new to Cloudflare and have some doubts as I need to change DNS to connect Cloudflare with my website [Preformatted text](https://adsolutionsmarket.com/)Will it impact my SEO performance or help to increase the SEO of my site.

Also, Do you have server location in India for Free plan users too? My website is regarding courses in digital marketing, Seo course, and app development.


It shouldn’t, hence should help you with it in terms of speed, optimization, page load time, security, etc.

Kindly, ensure your Website is working fine without any errors over HTTPS before moving to the Cloudflare. Upon that, make sure you’ve selected the Full (Strict) SSL option under the SSL/TLS tab at Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name.

Changing domain nameservers is easy done at your domain registrar.

If you’re unsure, keep the DNS records unproxied :grey: until the propagation process is complete. Once done, switch them (except the ones related to the e-mail service like A mail) to proxied :orange: .

For any issues, write back and we’ll help you on the way.