Will changing my nameservers to Cloudflare disrupts my email?


I hope someone can advice me on this situation. We have site1.com (example only) hosted in fatcow but the domain is in godaddy. We were told not to put the nameservers from fatcow to Godaddy because it will affect the email flow, so instead they just added a cname record in godaddy for site1.com. It is working as of currently.

My question is, if I add the cloudflare nameservers in godaddy, will it also affect the email flow?

Before adding a domain to Cloudflare, you need to make sure your DNS records are a perfect copy of the ones at your current host.

Regarding email, Cloudflare does not proxy email, so any email-related DNS records need to be set to :grey: (DNS Only). What usually messes people up is they have an MX record for their domain that points to their example.com hostname as the mail server, but the example.com DNS record is set to :orange:. That won’t work.

Here’s more info:

thank you for the reply.

these are dns records generated (I did not add them) after I change the nameserver to cloudflare. I have an A record for mail and CNAME for webmail but my MX record is set to DNS only. Will this affect the email flow?

Your MX record is good, but the ‘mail’ hostname needs to be set to :grey: Click on the :orange: so you can edit it. If you use FTP, then that one needs to be :grey: as well.

I see, thank you very much.

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