Will Changing DNS to Cloudflare Impact McAfee Secure?

Hello, I am going through the setup process and at the point of changing DNS settings from my current provider to Cloudflare. I did not go forward until I have clarity on the impact this will have with my McAfee Secure Certificate. Does anyone have experience with this? It must be a common concern but I have seen no other posts on the topic. Thanks!

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Is that a TLS/SSL certificate on your server to provide an HTTPS connection?

EDIT: It looks like it’s some sort of site scanner badge. I doubt you’re going to find many people here who pay for such a service, as Troy Hunt explains:

Regardless, Cloudflare should not interfere with, and most likely even enhance, McAfee’s security tests.

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Thank you Sdsyman. Yes, the certificate makes the site https:// instead of the insecure http://. I Can always test it out and if something goes wrong then quickly switch it back. Much appreciated!

It’s quick and easy to switch back. Your DNS records here should match your current DNS records…with the exception of the :orange: or :grey: next to them.

When they’re :orange:, your site is going through Cloudflare. When :grey:, it will be just like it is now.

Just keep a close eye on your SSL status in the Crypto page here. It should go SSL Active shortly after you add the site. Sometimes the process gets stuck, and if it does, post back as there are ways to restart the process.

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Thank you Sdayman! Very helpful. I will give it a try.

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Sorry, very late to this conversation… I can confirm, I use McAfee Secure for scans on my site with Cloudflare and it works fine (I just don’t usually bother with the trustmark!)

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Thanks Domjh! I feel much better about it now. Hope you and Sdayman have a nice evening.


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