Will changing DNS records to Cloudfare disrupt my website temporarily?

Just signed up and preparing to update DNS records to Cloudfare. Wondering if I should wait for a less busy time to do so. Please advise.

If done correctly, there should be no downtime… unless you are wanting to use SSL from the start. It usually takes a little while for the certificate to get issued and updated.

But if your DNS is exactly the same on Cloudflare as it is with your current DNS provider, that should incur no downtime.

We’re currently using SSL and want to keep it that way.

While propagation usually happens in as little as an hour, you should plan on it taking 24~48 hours so don’t keep changing the nameservers. Before getting started, you should clearly document all your current mail & other DNS records and once started, make sure to test with external propagation tools and browsers with the caching disabled.

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