Will CF certificate work after an IP address change?

Hello. I’m new here. I’m running a site where we’re using a certificate from Cloudflare. Prior to that we were using one from a provider here in Sweden (Binero). Now their earlier certificate we were using expires, while the one from CF is running for another year. The team at Binero wanted to make sure our new certificate, and site, can handle the IP address transfer, and I have absolutely no idea where to find that information (especially since there doesn’t seem to be any contact info or support whatsoever). Anyone who might be able to help? Truly appreciated in that case!
Thomas, Sweden
Ps. I found one or two similar posts, but not sure they’re exactly what I need. Might be. I’m no tech guru. :stuck_out_tongue: Ds.

You mean the Cloudflare Origin CA certificate you put on your web server? IP address doesn’t matter. It’s tied to your domain name.

Or do you mean the public certificates your visitors see when they connect to your site? That one also isn’t affected by your server’s IP address.

Thanks for the swift reply, sdayman! :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m not sure, but here’s the correspondence between me and the old certificate provider:

  • Provider of the old certificate wants me to “check with Cloudflare what IP address our domain is pointing towards”.

  • I respond I dont’ know since I can’t find it in my control panel on cloudflare.com. The only IP address I find under the DNS tab I see and now right off the bat is an actual IP address, was 109.XXX.XXX.XXX.

  • Old provider says that IP address is the one associated with them and their “premium certificate”. This IP address will stop working when they end that certificate. The domain needs to be redirected (by them, it seems) to 195.XX.XX.XX, but they recommend me checking with Cloudflare so that an IP address change won’t cause trouble with their certificate (the “new” one we’re using now)

Thats’all the info I have.

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