Will CF automatically generate edge certificates when I transfer my site to another account?


I want to transfer my site from one CF account to another. I control both accounts. The domain itself is registered with DNSimple.

As I understand from Moving domains between Cloudflare accounts – Cloudflare Help Center I need to recreate the site, including all its settings, in the new account and then switch name servers in DNSimple.

  1. Do I understand it correctly?
  2. What about edge certificates? Will they be automatically generated by CF for the new account once I switch name servers in DNSimple?
  3. Is there going to be any downtime for users of my website once I change name servers in DNSimple?


Yes, you do.

They should be, though there could be possibly a “short” delay while your domain is being validated for the new account.

There shouldn’t be. Once you changed the nameservers it will take a bit for Cloudflare to verify that, but once it did the domain should be active on the new account.

There could still be propagation going on when some clients get the old nameservers and IP addresses, but that should generally not be a problem as Cloudflare should serve the domain from the new account.

The biggest concern might really be #2 and the issuing of the certificate. That should actually work fine too, but that could be a possible obstacle - at least temporarily.

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