Will Cache Everything send visitor IP address to the origin server?

My traffic is going up :partying_face: and now I’ll soon have to upgrade to a larger plan at my hosting company :pensive:

But I’m thinking, that instead of sending more :dollar: to them, it might be better Cache Everything.

The hosting company counts traffic by unique IP addresses per day (They don’t offer XXGB traffic, but instead a number of visitors each month)

Does anyone know, if Cache Everything means that the server sees nothing after the HTML etc is cached at the CF edge – or if some data with each unique IP is still being sent back to the server?

As far as I know, the Origin server sees nothing if Cloudflare serves a cached page or resource.

I would warn however, that Cloudflare’s “Cache Everything” is unreliable. Unlike other CDNs, Cloudflare switches out items from its page cache well before the TTL - sometimes within a few hours! So it might look as if something is cached, but then you check 2 hours later, it’s gone.

Still, it will definitely reduce some of the load to your origin. Particularly from your most popular pages. So try it and see. It might work out. Good luck!


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