Will Bot Fight Mode for Free Plan Block Good Bots?


If the Bot Fight Mode is enabled for a free plan, will it also block/ challange good bots (like google, bing, etc)?

It only says “Challenge requests that match patterns of known bots, before they access your site.” which sounds to me like they would also challange good bots what wouldn’t make any sense except for forcing users to buy premium in order to exlude them.

Does anyone know this?


By default no, the good bots (Cloudflare known bots) are not being blocked when you enable Bot Fight Mode at Free plan (either at some higher paid plan).

The table below lists known bots that Firewall Rules currently detects. When traffic comes from any of these bots, the cf.client.bot field is set to true.

Cloudflare plans to expand its list of known bots in the near future.

A user should make sure it’s robots.txt file is setup correctly so bots that do respect it, will stop indexing your site and a list of Cloudflare’s known bots can be found on the below article. (not being blocked by Cloudflare if option Bot Fight Mode is enabled)

Some more information here:

Hello @fritexvz

Thanks for all the info! What I have seen at first glance these documents refer mainly to firewall rules. Do you have any source for your statement that good bots are not beeing blockend by default Bot Fight Mode or have you made experience with this? Would just like to be absolutely sure before I turn this on for my websites that are not on pro plan.

Yes, because I have Bot Fight Mode enabled and using Firewall Rules to block crawlers, SEO spiders (ahrefs, semrush, criteobot, etc.) and setup as on the below screenshot.

Moreover, from the given links from previous reply, for example there is an allowed “ahrefs” but I block it using Firewall rule.

Well, in Firewall events for 60+ domains where Bot Fight Mode is enabled, while Yandex, Google Search and Bing bot are working normally at least for me and can access /feed/ of WordPress websites and can index the sitemap.xml files (even access the robots.txt file and see what sitemap URL is there being added to crawl it on daily basis), while others are logged as “JS challenge”.

Which would mean, if real human is behind that IP addres, all good, otherwise, either it cannot pass the challenge and cannot access the requested URL.

We can also check them by an IP at https://www.abuseipdb.com/.

Few screenshoots:

Website 01:

Website 02:

Website 03:


Could be I am wrong, but, currently as far as I see, it is working fine for my domains at Cloudflare.

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