Will authorizing DNS records from Google remove existing cname?

  1. Hi, I’m verifying my domain property in Google Search Console, while doing so I receive a warning in Cloudflare “Cloudflare will remove the following DNS records from your zone, which may result in downtime. This process is necessary to avoid conflicts with the records needed for Google”. Two concerns: I recently added a CNAME in Cloudflare in order for our Drop in Blog to work correctly, and I want to make sure this will not impact that? Also, our online store cannot afford any downtime, What are the chances are site will go down and for how long?


What is this “following DNS record” in question that Cloudflare is going to remove? And is it the same as the CNAME you added for your “Drop in Blog” (or any other CNAME pointed to an external service you want to keep)?

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