Will a user be able to change email address if they lose access to the email account?

I am considering registering a few domain names via the Cloudflare Registrar, and I’m evaluating the risks involved in the worst case scenario.

Suppose that I have my email address, password, and 2FA (TOTP code), but I’ve lost access to the email account. Losing my email account is unlikely, but possible:

  • The (3rd-party) email hosting service may ban me for whatever reason.
  • The email hosting service may go out of business etc.

In this case, will my access to Cloudflare services affected? I’d assume that because I still have the information required to log in (i.e. my email addr, password, and 2FA), I’ll be change the email without issue.

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As long as you still have your email address, password, and 2FA you should be able to access your accounts and change the email address. However, it is essential to note that if a problem arises with the domain that affects your emails or if your 2FA gets lost, Cloudflare Support will only communicate with the account holder using the registered email address. Therefore, it is often recommended to use an email address that you have full control over and won’t lose access to. It’s always a good precaution to save your 2FA backup codes and regularly check for notices from Cloudflare related to your domains.

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