Will a second domain work if it's connected to my original domain URL

Hi I have a website with 2 URL’s the main site and the other was bought and just connected via Go Daddy it had it’s own title description and keywords but wasn’t on https so I decided to change my name servers to cloudflare but will my domain still have the title keywords and descriptions or will I lose that because it now goes through Cloudflare as Cloudflare has no option to add title description ect. If so it would it mean I am not able to use Cloudflare or will it still pull the title and the redirect I had to my other website I hope this explains what I mean thanks in advance for any help would be truly appreciated

I’m not sure how GoDaddy sets this up for you, but hopefully it’s just an alias so the server responds to both domains. In that case, Cloudflare will handle it transparently.

If it’s working now, it should work through Cloudflare as well.

p.s. In the “old days”, web hosts would iFrame one site inside the other. The giveaway would be that the URL in the browser wouldn’t change.

Well iv’e only just set it up but at the moment the website is down from that URL I know some sort of prorogation has to take place but I just wanted be sure this will actually work or would the domain just be connected to Cloudflare without any other meta data which would be pointless and then as I have a redirect would that still work the URL is http://discohire.london

That one redirects to a URL shortener at GoDaddy, and it’s showing a 404.

Do you know how GoDaddy mirrors sites? If you set that domain back to :grey:, it should work again the way GoDaddy has it set up.

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