Will do anything if VPN and sandbox are already used?

I never open my browser(s) outside of a sandbox and I use VPN almost always. Will add anything will it even work since my ip changes everytime I go online and often reloads to a different location during use. I also have the browser(s) and CCleaner clean out all cookies and trackers upon closing the browser- EVERY-Time.
Plus the two browsers I use —are not quite least used in the world but one is close.

Summary; can the ‘app’ (oh I only have laptop/desktop no real mobile device) be useful given what I am already doing.

Thank you for your time is a DNS resolver. You’re already probably using some external DNS resolver unless you’re running your own DNS server. If you believe is potentially more secure than the current DNS resolvers you are using then you are welcome to use them.

How would I know whether this is true or not? I am not using my own DNS server, I can’t understand your response in contrast to the information I provided…could you be a bit more specific…the methods I’m using compared to using
Thank you

Privacy on the internet is a many layered problem. Anonymous browsing, clearing cache and VPNs are all absolutely good practices. Many DNS resolvers log some level of detail about visitors; to what end varies widely and some are more transparent about the reasons than others. Some DNS resolvers also do things like serve a page with ads if you type in a non-existent domain (which in and of itself isn’t necessarily a privacy issue, but some folks feel is pretty annoying).

Using Cloudflare as a DNS provider doesn’t eliminate the need to potentially continue doing the things you are doing today, but the privacy focus and stated data we log, for how long and why, might be something some folks feel is preferable to their current DNS resolver.

The short answer is…‘Yes’. Read this article and find out how DNS Leaks can still kill your anonymity when using a VPN:


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