Wildcards or Regex in Teams Lists

I’d very much like to specify *azure-dns.info rather than listing each and every subdomain in a List:

Do you want them all to forward to the same address or do you want to specify an alternative DNS server to answer queries?


I want *azure-dns.info, *ultradns*, etc. to be overridden to Cloudflare’s DNS so I created a List called “Override to Cloudflare DNS,” have been adding hostnames to it, and have a Policy to Override any host in the List.

For specific addresses override will map A to B. For resolve specific hosts you need to map them. For use an ALT resolver for a given domain… look to the Local Domain settings per previous blog posts, not sure if it has shipped or when it will. Overrides (mechanism you describe) have an API for bulk changes

I don’t know what this means.

I don’t know what this means.

Does this apply to my question/feature request?