Wildcards in SRV records

Hello! I’m trying to create a wildcard SRV record so I can join my Minecraft server with everything.mydomain.com

But it isn’t working.
Any ideas on how I can achieve this?

up up?

You can have a wildcard for the name, but not the target (e.g. *.example.com). The target needs to be an actual hostname (something.example.com). *.example.com is not a valid DNS hostname… an attempt to lookup *.example.com will fail.

The target is a valid hostname and the name is “*”

* is not a valid hostname

I can’t get a wildcard in there to work, and can’t find any real world examples of it working.

How can I do an SRV record which works with [INSERT ANYTHING HERE].example.com then?

For example, you can put blahblah.hypixel.net in Minecraft and it works.

That does seem to work. I wonder if it’s a limitation of Cloudflare DNS. I can get “sub” to work, but not “*”

Maybe @anb or @dane know for sure why this doesn’t work:

Use a wildcard for the name and an actual valid hostname for a host.

What seems to work?

That’s exactly what I did?

Then you’ll need to provide more detail about what isn’t working.

So, here is my actual SRV record:

My A record:

And if I try to connect in Minecraft with hello.ethernia.fr, it doesn’t work. but *.ethernia.fr works (it’s not working like a wildcard)

Do you have a wildcard A or CNAME record which will resolve hello?

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The wildcard at hypixel.net

Okay, so I did

and . It works now, thanks.

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Hey, so I’m pretty sure that you’re SRV record isn’t actually doing anything in that case and its your A name record is doing everything. To my knowledge, its impossible to use wildcards in SRV records unless @cscharff would like to correct me.

You can check if your SRV record is doing anything by removing it and seeing if there is any difference.
I was trying to do the same thing you did but I also had a website associated with the same domain (which means I needed to use an SRV record, and not a cname or A record) which caused problems. If you only have a minecraft server on your domain that solution should work fine but to answer your original problem of wildcards in SRV records it would not work.

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