Wildcards for subdomains?

I’m needing to use wildcards on subdomains with CloudFlare. For example: *.sub.domain.tld

Is there a way this can be made to work with CloudFlare?

Cloudflare DNS accepts wildcard entries, but those can not be Proxied unless you’re on an Enterprise plan.


Thanks, I don’t care about proxy on the subdomains *.sub.domain.tld, I just am not getting such a result currently. If I visit somethingrandom.sub.domain.tld right now it simply won’t resolve, for example, in the browser it gives the:

This site can’t be reached
Check if there is a typo in random.sub.domain.tld.

(Of course the sub.domain.tld is a real A record pointing to a working IP and it actually does hit the server when visited without a sub of the sub.)

And did you create a DNS record for *.sub.domain.com? A record for
*.example.com will only match one label, and will not cover sub.another.example.com.

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Ah ha, so you’re saying to make a record like this?:

That’s exactly the format you asked about.

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I think you’re confused, but thank you: I was asking about how to make this work or add it. I did not see that it was to be added exactly like this within the DNS management tab in CloudFlare. There should be some clear documentation within the admin interface that explains subdomain wildcards should be added as such.

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