Wildcards are not supported with single URL purge at this time

It’d be great if Cloudflare supported cache purges with wildcards.

I’d really like to clear the cache for example.com/directory/* or example.com/directory/*.png

Also, can there be some clarification as to if http / https prefixes are necessary for cache purging? I can’t imagine a case where anyone would want to purge http://example.com/file.html but not https://example.com/file.html

The scheme (http/https) shouldn’t matter.

Purging by Hostname or Tag is only available to Cloudflare Enterprise customers.

Scheme is part of the default cache key. If the content would always be the same, force all traffic to https and the. There is no need to purge an http asset.

You can use a worker to create a cache tag and purge using in in a manner similar to what one would use a path for. https://developers.cloudflare.com/workers/recipes/vcl-conversion/controlling-the-cache/

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