Wildcard Type A * DNS Only

Hi guys, I just added a client’s site into Cloudflare and I can see this wildcard Type A with NAME * added automatically with proxy status DNS only.
It came with warning a wildcard DNS record reveals the origin IP (as we are not on Enterprise record).

Do I need this wildcard? I do not understand how this wildcard works as it just accepts everything. I have other sites with Cloudflare but this was not added automatically.

And Can I assume I will need to add all the staging subdomains manually as they do not appear in the automatically generated list?

Thank you for your help!

Hi @melisac,

The wildcard record covers any subdomains that are not manually added, but is not ideal because you can’t proxy it. You should add records for all the subdomains used, manually, and can then safely remove the wildcard record.

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