Wildcard subdomain pricing

I have searched the forum but am struggling to understand the account level required for the following:

Current, non-cloudflare, setup:

  • wildcard SSL certificate for root domain is installed on each server
  • DNS records for root domain contain A records pointing to a different IP for each subdomain.
  • Each subdomain runs on it’s own server (AWS instance) using an elastic (static) IP.

To replicate this with cloudflare, is it possible to do using a single Pro (or Business) account for the root domain, as I am having trouble understanding if this requires the “CNAME Setup” available only to Enterprise level accounts?

Edit, I should point out that each subdomain instance is a webserver accessible only on ports 80, 443, and SSH via port 22, the requirement is to provide cloudflare protection to each instance.

Thanks in advance.

In order to proxy :logo: wildcard subdomains (eg: *.example.com ), you need an Enterprise account.

Hi @dev75,

It seems that it’s not a wildcard subdomain proxy that you want, if you have a DNS record for each subdomain pointing to a different IP. Your setup should work the same with Cloudflare, with the exception that you would need to ssh directly to the server IP, or have an ssh hostname that is not proxied.

Thanks for the reply, could that all be done on a single Pro account?

I am happy to have extra setup time rather than pay for enterprise - the subdomains do not change too often.

Yes, absolutely. If they are all just subdomains of your one domain and you don’t have other domains with CNAMEs to them, you just need the one root domain added to Cloudflare and to then manage the DNS there.

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Great news, thanks :slight_smile:

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