Wildcard sub-domains for Pages?

I’ve seen others ask this question, but wondered if there was an update. Some posts in the past said it would be a feature in the future, but so far I can’t seem to create a wildcard sub-domain for Cloudflare Pages. Anyone have ideas?

You could use a Cloudflare Worker, with a wildcard route, proxying requests to Pages, you’d be paying for every request though. Alternatively, they’re very slowly rolling out Snippets (https://blog.cloudflare.com/browser-rendering-api-ga-rolling-out-cloudflare-snippets-swr-and-bringing-workers-for-platforms-to-our-paygo-plans) which are essentially free but super small/restricted workers, but would be great for this use case. Currently in alpha/not recommended for production traffic/not rolled out to anyone yet, but getting there.

Nothing in terms of native support at the moment I’m afraid.


Ok, thanks!

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