Wildcard SSL setup -- can I share IPs between subdomains?


I have a wildcard SSL certificate from Cloudflare for one of my domains. My question is, will I need unique IP addresses for each subdomain (on a single server), or can I share a single IP across all subdomains?



Most (all?) modern web servers are capable of serving multiple domains and subdomains from the same server. I host a large number of personal sites on Dreamhost (for example) and they all resolve to the same subdomain and the webserver looks at the host header sent by the browser to determine where ot route it. But there’s nothing that stops me from hosting other content on other IPs.

The IP at Cloudflare for the :orange: record will likely be the same for all domains even if the origin IP address is different since we look at the host header as well.


Thanks for the response. I also host numerous websites from the same IP, but SSL changes the equation.

For security reasons, SSL configurations have traditionally required a unique IP for each SSL-enabled domain (this seems to’ve changed with SNI authentication available with Apache v2.2.12 and OpenSSL v0.9.8j and later – but this is a separate issue).

I’ve never used a wildcard SSL certificate before. My question is whether a unique IP is required for each SSL-enabled subdomain when secured with a wildcard certificate. Any ideas?



A unique IP isn’t required.