Wildcard SSL issues with Cloudflare

Hello everyone. Im trying to get my wildcard ssl working with Cloudflare but im running into some issues.

Background: I was able to test this successfully without CF being in the mix and using GoDaddy DNS.
Im setting up a Zero Trust solution and im getting stuck on the ssl cert for the gateway. Before, I was able to purchase a wildcard cert, extract the cert and private keys, the upload these files to the gateway and create the necessary CNAMES within DNS to access the portal and everything works great. Now when I try to get this configured within CF is where all the ■■■■ starts. I’ve done a bunch of reading on the boards and I have enabled the Advanced Cert Mgr as a precaution as well. What I’ve done so far is manually upload the wildcard cert to CF and this has not helped me at all. So I’m at an impediment that I’ll need help getting around. I’m thinking it may be something simple, but im not an expert with cloudflare. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Also, currently business subscriber, not enterprise.

What gateway are you referring to?

Sophos ZTNA gateway

Cloudflare does not sell certificates that you can use outside of Cloudflare. You will never have access to the private key for any certificate generated by Cloudflare (which includes Universal, ACM, Total TLS, Pages etc.). If you need a certificate for use in a third party product then you will need to contact a commercial certificate authoritie, or get a certificate from Lets Encrypt.

I’m not sure why you think that Cloudflare has any involvement in your Sophos setup?

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