Wildcard SSL and Subdomains


I have a pretty simple question as we are process of migrating to cloudflare. Our main domain has many subdomains which are used. We need to have SSL on all them. There are more than 50, however, they are 1 level down from the root domain. We currently have a *.example.com wildcard cert it which cover everything. However in reviewing cloudflares options there dedicated and dedicated with custom hosts?

What do we need?

example.com -root domain
newyork.example.com -sub
and many more…

Will a dedicated cert work for these? Does the 50 sub domain apply here. I think not because its a wildcard of *.example.com.

Thank for any clear information. obviously I do not want to run in to any problems when migrating

As long as you don’t go deeper than newyork.example.com, such as bronx.newyork.example.com, the free wildcard subdomain certificate will cover it.

What usually breaks things is when people try www.sub.example.com without that custom hostnames certificate.

Thanks for quick reply. Free wildcard cert? Did not see this one. I think it was dedicated cert for like an extra 5 or 10$ per mth.

Look at the certs there are:
universal -
dedicated -
dedicated with custom host names.

Which one do I need?

All with a wildcard cert is it in the orange proxy cloud?

Sorry, yes. The free one is “Universal” which will cover your main domain and all first level subdomains. This certificate is applied to all hostnames set to :orange:.

Ahh alright sounds good. Are all 1st level subdomains able to be proxied in the orange cloud without an enterprise plan.


Would all be proxied with a non enterprise plan?

Those two hostnames will work.

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