Wildcard rule interpretation change?

We had a rule where the URL was
and the action was a temporary redirect (Note: no dot between the star and the domain)

Our experience was that this URL only matched the bare domain, not any subdomains. That changed without warning at 14 July, 11:00pm UTC

Prior to 14 July, 11:00pm UTC: the rule did not redirect a url like foo.domain.com/bar
Then, starting at 14 July, 11:00pm UTC: the rule DID redirect a url like foo.domain.com/bar

We disabled the rule and the redirecting stopped. The question is, why did the rule interpretation suddenly change without warning?

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That has always been the behavior AFAIK. Perhaps foo was recently set to proxied when it wasn’t previously. But that is what the first wildcard does.



Nothing changed with the proxy settings or the rule for at least a month. The behavior changed on 14 July.

The URL pattern was
*domain.com/* (note: no dot after the first star)
instead of
*.domain.com/* (note: has a dot after the first star)

The behavior with for patterns with “no dot after the star” changed without any advance notice. I guess nothing to do other than accept that the behavior can randomly change without warning.

I’ve been using that pattern for years to forward all www & non-www traffic to a different domain. As @cscharff says, this behavior has not changed.

Just like this Tutorial last updated in February:

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If not the proxy status then a preceding rule was deleted or the host was previously pointed to a SaaS partner or your perception of existing behavior changed but the regex matching for a redirect has not.

If you don’t want it to redirect a specific host you’d need a page rule for that host with a higher priority.

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