Wildcard proxy SSL issue

Recently Cloudflare has opened the wildcard proxy support to free accounts too. LINK HERE
But I couldn’t understand, how SSL certificates will be managed for it??
Suppose, I have configured domain example.com with cf. I have got SSL cert from cf with wildcard which will be valid only for following domains

As per the new offering, if I configure new wildcard proxy, say sub1.sub2.example.com , then following entries must be reflected in cf ssl certificate

But this is not happening. I am getting only first 2 SANs in certificate. Then how this offering is usable to free users without the inclusion of all added wildcards added into dns list?
Am I interpreting the offering wrong?

Yes. Nothing has changed in regards to subdomains that are two levels deep, that was never related to if you could proxy a wildcard or not.

You need Advanced Certificate Manager for a certificate that covers *.sub2.example.com

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