Wildcard Page Rules

I wanted to redirect all old blog URLs to the new ones.

Basically, all URLs that have “blog/” should be redirected to the new URL which is without the “blog/”

My page rule is

mysite . com/blog/* to mysite . com/$1

It is working fine but if you visit /blog only it redirects to the homepage which shouldn’t be happening.

How should I set my redirect page rule? am I missing something?

You can create a dummy rule for /blog, which you place before your current rule.

For the settings, just use another dummy value, for example IP geolocation.



thank you for the reply!

I did try doing what you mentioned but it is not working. the /blog is still redirecting to the homepage.
Here’s what my setting look like

What’s the domain?

Try setting the path to /blog/ as well.

I did try using /blog/ as well before I replied back to you and it is not working


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