Wildcard or Regex-Subdomains

I’d like to add for example mta-sts. *
.mydomain.com or _dmarc. * .mydomain.com to my dns zone.

This kind of wildcard subdomains doesn’t work.
Did anybody have an idea to bring this kind of Wildcard-subdomains to work?

Thank you.

This is not possible by the design of DNS.

Hey sandro!

Thanks for your blazingly fast response.

Is there any way to set it up via Cloudflare Worker or some third-party tools?

Not really, you can manage your DNS entries via the API, but you will still need to configure them individually.

Cloudflare does not provide DNS scripting yet.


So the only way is to develop a script to look what dns subdomains are in the zone and then add an entry everytime there is no one.

And if the script runs every hour, this will be totally automated. Right?

Seems to be simple.

Keep in mind, you are limited to about 1,000 entries. But yes, if you manage them individually, that will certainly work. Wildcards simply won’t.

Thank you.

Now I just have to find someone who has done this before or can program such a script or look at dozens of scripts and see if I can put it together myself. :slight_smile:

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