Wildcard or regex in path

I am configuring Cloudflare Access and have a problem. We have a multisite WordPress. The login pages that we need to close are at https://[domain] / [some-site-slug] / wp-login.php .

I know that I can use a wildcard () in the subdomain part, but is there a way to have a path with a wildcard ()? I tried entering this in the path, with no success:


If no wildcard is available in path, is there another way, but adding separate apps for every [some-site-slug]?

Thank you

We do not support wildcards in the path today, but thanks for the feature feedback cc @Kenny on the Access team.

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Thanks. So the only option is adding separate “Applications” for every site?

Correct - that’s the recommendation right now. We’re exploring options to make that easier in future releases.