Wildcard not getting proxied

Hi there,

Suddenly wildcard stopped being proxied for new entries. I still see old entries being proxied (orange). Because of this not able to use ssl and cache for the root domain. Any idea what’s going on? Is the policy changed recently?


Do you really mean a wildcard record? These can only be proxied on Enterprise plans.

However, the naked domain (@) should work.
What’s the domain name?

Sorry I mean a wildcard record. But it was working until a few days ago. :slight_smile:

we were pointing a wildcard CNAME to a Load balancer. Also, why the load balancer returning the origin IP when it’s set to proxied mode? the domain is samespace.co.

As @MarkMeyer said, that’s an Enterprise feature. Once in a while, the Dashboard has a glitch that lets others proxy it. You can still manually add A and CNAME hostname records that you can proxy.

Got it, thanks. But why load balancer returns origin ip in proxy mode when it receives traffic sent via CNAME?

It’s confusing when the LB says “Traffic to this host will go thru cloudflare” but it actually exposes the origin ip". Pls check this https://www.dropbox.com/s/rxi4jk4u39y6yv6/Screenshot%202020-05-22%2011.34.12.png?dl=0

@MarkMeyer LB is a paid service.

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