Wildcard MX propagation issues

I have a wildcard MX record pointing to Mailgun:

MX *.jobsoid.com 10 mxa.mailgun.org
MX *.jobsoid.com 10 mxb.mailgun.org

While checking the propagation of this using some online tools I see that it is not being resolved worldwide.

Asking here as the support ticket creation doesnt seem to work at cloudflare - which is a shame!

The wildcard is properly configured.

nslookup -type=mx somerandomname.jobsoid.com alan.ns.cloudflare.com
Server:  alan.ns.cloudflare.com

somerandomname.jobsoid.com      MX preference = 10, mail exchanger = mxa.mailgun.org
somerandomname.jobsoid.com      MX preference = 10, mail exchanger = mxb.mailgun.org

This will either be a real propagation issue or that service has some issues. From a Cloudflare side everything is in order.

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Yes, these records have been the same for a few years and have always worked.

Any idea what might be causing the propagation to fail? Is it possible that some nameservers do not like wildcard MX records? The CNAME seems to work fine for the same domains!

It’s not necessarily a propagation issue, that service might simply have some local issues. As far as Cloudflare is concerned it is properly configured and works fine. Maybe contact that site and ask them why their lookups seemingly fail.

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