Wildcard in configuration rules

I want to add the following rule under Rules > Configuration Rules:


  1. Does it work with wildcards (like in the image)?
  2. If a URL contains the first part and the second part, so a URL that contains both arguments form the part URI, will it still work? It works if the URL contains the first URI or the second, but what if it contains both?

Thanks for the answers.


I don’t quite understand the question. Was it about the wildcards? If you were asking about the expression, is it matches both the expression and the expression after the OR it’d still be true/execute.

I think you’re looking for something like this?

Note that I used URI Query String for the second condition rather then URI Path. URI Path does not contain the query string, docs: Fields reference · Cloudflare Ruleset Engine docs

  1. But will this work with any URL that has the word elementor in it, no matter what in front or back? so essentially like a wildcard? and the same for the second one the query string, will it work with any page/URL that has that query string in it, no matter what in front or back?

  2. What if the URI path and the URI query string are in a URL, will it still work because it is or and both conditions are true then?

Any URL that has a path containing it, ex https://domain.com/gihgohggoih-elementor-gihgfohg.php?cookies=7. It wouldn’t match https://domain.com/gihgoihg?elementor=5 for example, that’s in the query string.
There’s other options too like Starts With or Ends With.

That has a query string containing that text.

It’s just boolean logic
false (host and uri path) & false (query string) = no match, config rule does not execute
false & true = match, config rule applies
true & false = match, config rule applies
true & true = match, config rule applies

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Essentially wildcard logic, but simpler and better.

Thanks for your help.

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