Wildcard for Self-Hosted Application &

New to Cloudflare Access.

Hi All,

I’ve noticed I have issues with using wildcards as per the image below in page endpoints.

Currently this will protect “/admin-area/” but doesn’t cover “/admin-area/page1”. Also using a wildcard causes the portal for users to show a the link for the application as “/admin-area/" which doesn’t exist, as there isn’t a page with the endpoint "”. Is this expected action.

Also, and this may need to be a seperate topic, but selectors in this article https://developers.cloudflare.com/cloudflare-one/policies/access/ describe that WARP can be used as a selector, but is doesn’t show in the rules area? Is this a bug or expected behaviour?

Does it work if you just specify admin-area on its own? Subpaths should be included by default.

You first need to go to Settings > WARP Client and add a WARP client check: