Wildcard domains for Pages?

Is there any news on support for wildcard domains for Cloudflare pages? I know people have requested this before.

We are trying to decide between Vercel and Cloudflare, but prefer the Cloudflare feature-set. Not being able to use sub-domains would make that a deak-breaker, so we are a bit stuck :frowning:

Does it helps?

I don’t believe that would work. A records need to be mapped to an IP, which we don’t have when using Pages. I created a CNAME record to map * to my CF Pages website but it doesn’t work.

Not possible right now as part of Pages, sorry.

As a workaround you could run a Cloudflare Worker on a wildcard route that proxies the Pages project manually, however you would need a Workers Paid plan to do more than 100,000/day of those requests.

In the future, Snippets will help users more easily and affordably implement these kinds of features themselves: The most programmable Supercloud with Cloudflare Snippets

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Amazing! Super helpful. Looking forward to using Snippets :slight_smile:

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